Babies R US Credit Card

If you have any number of babies or small kids around in your daily life you are sure to want to spoil a few if not all of them with gifts from Babies R US. If you are already always finding yourself in their stores looking at items for birthdays and other random gifts throughout the year then you have probably seen some information about the Babies R US Credit Card as well. Using the Babies R US Credit Card could really be a way for you to earn rewards for rewarding those babies and other kids in your world throughout the year.

They have a pretty decent point system set up where you can gain four points for every dollar spent in their store. If you upgrade to the MasterCard logo card then you can also use the card to gain and additional one point for every dollar you use to make purchases outside of their stores. Every time that you accumulate 500 points you will be given and additional $5 certificate to use in their stores for purchases. They don't say on their site, but rumor has it that there is a limit to the amount of certificates you can earn in a month’s time. In some rumors the number is 3, in other rumors the number is four or five. Either way, the rewards are really something to look forward to because they will be what help you to save and every little bit counts for something in the end.


If you are looking for some type of awarded points bonus for signing up for the Babies R US Credit Card then you must keep looking elsewhere because the Babies R US Credit Card doesn’t offer any such point bonuses for signing up or otherwise. After you are approved, you will get your immediate 10% off on your first purchase and from there you will be able to begin racking up points to use in the future. Also, some people have been wondering if the discounts and the Babies R US Credit Card can be used for purchases outside of actual toys. The answer to that question is no. You can only use the Babies R US Credit Card to purchase toys. Nothing in the electronics section is going to apply such as iPods and computers and things of that nature.

Even with the points and strict rules that apply with the Babies R US Credit Card, there really are some great benefits to be gained, especially if you are using it to make large purchases during the holiday season. Only those shoppers who have a lot of children that they are always buying for will be really benefitting from the Babies R US Credit Card. All others who are thinking about the Babies R US Credit Card are better to either leave it alone or allow someone who does shop at Babies R US to use their card on their behalf to get the rewards and give them the upfront savings.